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Friday, January 30, 2015

New ACA Client Intake Checklist and Client Letters

New ACA Client Intake Checklist and Client Letters

The Health Reform Library on CCH IntelliConnect has been updated for 2015! Updates and improvements include:
·         The 2015 edition of the Affordable Care Act: Law, Regulatory Explanation, and Analysis, updated to include all new developments during 2014, and to focus on the new requirements for 2015, including the employer mandate.
·         New Interactive Research Aids for Health Care Reform
o   Individual Client Intake Health Care Checklist
o   Pay or Play Calculator
·         A new library of Health Care Reform Client Letters including:
o   ACA and Individuals
o   FAQs on Individual Mandate

o   And many more!

Log in to IntelliConnect here

If you have not purchased the Health Reform Library on CCH IntelliConnect, click here to learn more 

Versicom/TFTI+ -- Taxpayer not getting notifications

problem- the taxpayer was flagged for Versicom, but they are not getting the notifications (email or text) and if they call the automated Versicom number, they are told their return is not in the system

Taxpayers can call 866-730-2274 to check the status of their return.

We have identified this problem and re-flagged the affected returns. 
The taxpayer should be able to use the Versicom features now. 
The next time you connect with the EFC, you will receive Partner Verification data that flags your returns correctly in TaxWise going forward. 

Non-Transmitting/non-Networked computers- how do they get this new Partner Verification Versicom data?
On the transmitting computer, access the TOOLS menu, then BACKUP, then choose Partner Verification data. Save this data to a removeable device, take to the non-transmitting computer, and restore to that computer using the TOOLS menu, RESTORE FROM DISK option. 

2012 Program update available now to activate efile

Updated 1-30-2015
2012-- The program update, federal 1040 module, and CA 1040 module have been posted to download.
The business modules and CA business modules have also been posted
Program Version 27.16
US 1040 module version 14
1120C version 8
1120S version 8
1065 version 9
990 version 6
CA 1040 ver 9
CA business ver 14

Updated 1-26-2015 

2013--The program update AND federal module updates for 2013 were posted to the support site earlier this month.
You will need all of these updates to efile those 2013 return types
Once you install the updates, create a new efile and send.

Program version 28.10
US 1040 module version 8
1120C version 3
1120S version 4
1065 version 3
1041 version 6
990 version 8
CA 1040 ver 9
CA business ver 9

Version 28.10 Release Notes-- January 2015
Changes made for e-filing:  TaxWise has made changes to the submission packager to allow for changes for electronic filing.

2012 - can be efiled after we post a program update plus the module updates shown above for 2013

If you attempt to efile a 2013 or 2012 business or individual return where the efile was created before you installed the proper updates, you will receive an EFC reject.

EFC reject 38- you are not at the correct version

Product Update Notification emails-not year specific

You have probably noticed that the emails you receive as updated/modules are posted are not year specific.
As we post 2012 and 2013 updates, this has created some confusion.  We have submitted this as an enhancement idea for next season.

TPG, 3Fund, and Republic can offer Walmart Direct2Cash disbursements

If you offer bank products with TPG or 3Fund or Republic, you can offer the Walmart Direct2Cash disbursement method to your taxpayers

Taxpayers can go to any Walmart location to pick up their proceeds; available for amounts up to $7,500
Indicate this disbursement method on the bank form in the return.(see instructions at top of bank app form)
The email address for the taxpayer is required on the Main Info sheet.
The taxpayer receives an email or text message when the details required to pick up their funds at Walmart.

Access more information at this TPG site
Walmart Direct2Cash

or this Republic site

Direct2Cash option is not available for Fee Collect, River City, or Refund Advantage users.
Republic option is available with TaxWise desktop only, not TaxWise Online

Online Check Printing- the print is too small on document page

Problem: you are using Online Check Printing (OCP)
the check prints too small on the document

This can be resolved with a change to your IE Settings
Or you can switch to the Chrome browser instead of IE

refer to this Kbase article for the exact steps to make that change

KB 15239

Open Internet Explorer.
Click the Tools menu and select Print then click Page Setup.
Uncheck the box next to Enable Shrink-to-Fit.
Change the drop-down boxes under Headers and Footers to -Empty-.

Refund Advantage- "unable to configure printer"; use their website to print checks

You attempt to print checks using the TaxWise OCP, online check printing tool and you receive this error:
"Unable to configure printer. Your active bank does not support Online Check Printing. Please visit your bank's website for instructions on check printing."

Refer to KB 14620, where you will see that this particular bank has its own website for you to use for check printing.

"(235) Current check printing control file is not installed

Problem: you encounter this error when trying to align or print checks

You are likely attempting to print checks in TW Desktop when you are setup in the system for OCP- Online check Printing. This article explains how you can tell for sure if you are OCP.

To access OCP, login to the support site as ADMIN. you will see a menu tab labeled Check Printing. Access that menu and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: if you use the Fee Collect PS product or the 3Fund, OCP is the method of all check printing.

follow this kbase article very carefully, changing the year from 13 to 14 in the instructions if you are truly using the check print function inside TW Desktop.

2012 program update 27.16 posting today

We will post the 2012 program update later today
Version 27.16 will allow efile of those 2012 returns

Version 27.16 - January 2015
Program Updates
Changes made for e-filing
TaxWise has made changes to the submission packager to allow for changes for electronic


Checks print with header/footer(Page 1 at top and web address at bottom)

OCP Problem:
This issue only presents with check printing using IE browser

The check prints with the header/footer (page 1 at the top and web address at the bottom)
This check is not formatted correctly and probably will not be cash-able

IE uses headers and footers when printing by default.
IE will not allow us to disable headers and footers automatically in OCP, so you will need to disable headers and footers

You only need to do this once, unless you restore your IE default settings at some point)

Press the Tools button. Under the Print Menu, click "Page Setup"

Verify that the settings match the image below and click OK
notice that header and footer both display as 'EMPTY'

Do not show this again