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Thursday, March 5, 2015

2012 and 2013 State and Federal Module required versions

Updated 3-5-2015
2012-- The program update, federal 1040 module, and CA 1040 module have been posted to download.
The business modules and CA business modules have also been posted
Program Version 27.16
US 1040 module version 14
1120C version 8
1120S version 8
1065 version 9
990 version 6
CA 1040 ver 9
CA business ver 14
CO 1040 ver 10
CO business ver 9
AZ 1040 ver 8

Updated 3-05-2015 

2013--The program update AND federal module updates for 2013 were posted to the support site earlier this month.
You will need all of these updates to efile those 2013 return types
Once you install the updates, create a new efile and send.

Program version 28.10
US 1040 module version 8
1120C version 3
1120S version 4
1065 version 3
1041 version 6
990 version 8
CA 1040 ver 9
CA business ver 9
CO 1040 ver 8
CO business ver 6
AZ 1040 ver 8

Version 28.10 Release Notes-- January 2015
Changes made for e-filing:  TaxWise has made changes to the submission packager to allow for changes for electronic filing.

If you attempt to efile a 2013 or 2012 business or individual return where the efile was created before you installed the proper updates, you will receive an EFC reject:  EFC reject 38- you are not at the correct version

Outstanding State or Federal acks

Updated 3-05-2015

The following have outstanding acks older than five days old. We are already working with the state to clear up these acks.

If you can view the return in the Return Query tool on the support site, then we have the return and no action is needed.

2014 returns
1099s- approximately 500 acks from Feb 27th
LA acks for all return types are slow to return, dating back to Feb 23rd
NJ 1065 acks from Feb 26th & 27th

2013 returns
LA prior year acks are slow as well
All current, with the exception of a small number (less than 4 returns) from various days in the past week.

2012 returns
All current, with the exception of a small number (less than 4 returns) from various days in the past week.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Repair Regs Tools: we offer tools and resources to help you find the answers you need to stay in compliance

Repair Regs Tools

Relief from Form 3115 for small businesses does not provide relief from repair regs compliance.
To make it easy for you, we offer tools and resources to help you find the answers you need to stay in compliance.

If you have the Practical Tax Expert Pro (PTEP) research package, your IntelliConnect subscription includes explanatory coverage of the repair regs at no additional cost.  To find them in IntelliConnect, log in and expand Federal Tax, Federal Tax Editorial Content, Practical Tax Expert, Business Deductions, Capital Expenditures.  You will also find repair regs editorial coverage under Practical Tax Expert, Depreciation and Cost Recovery.

It also includes a Client Letter Toolkit and Depreciation Toolkit located under Tools/SmartCharts, Federal Taxes.

Your account manager can provide you with examples of filled in Forms 3115 and a free trial of the Election and Compliance Toolkit through March 31.  The three filled-in Forms 3115 include the accompanying attachments to satisfy the changes of accounting method requirements.  The Election and Compliance Toolkit provides coverage of more than 730 tax elections, gives you filing requirements for each election, and allows you to create and print customized, filing ready election an compliance statements.

You need tools to help manage the growing volume and complexity of information and regulations.  Our CCH research products have been carefully designed for small firm to help you get work done quicker, more efficient and right.

Since everyone must be in compliance with the repair regs, we are offering a free evaluation of these valuable tools through March 31.  Contact your account manager to start your free trial and receive your filled in Forms 3115.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

5405 rejects F1040-0428 or F1040-0429

Problem- the return is rejected for  F1040-0428 or F1040-0429, which references Form 5405 First Time Homebuyer Installment

IRS was seeing a high number of these rejects, so they made MeF changes Feb 8th weekend.
You can now resend these returns.

Updated 2-12-2015 
We are still seeing some rejects, especially as related to box 3e, so we are researching further with IRS.

F1040- 428
The e-File database indicates a First Time Homebuyer Installment Payment is due for the Primary SSN. Include amount on Line 60b, 'FirstTimeHmByrRepaymentAmt' of Form 1040 and attach Form 5405 if required.

The e-File database indicates a First Time Homebuyer Installment Payment is due for the Spouse SSN. Include amount on Line 60b, 'FirstTimeHmByrRepaymentAmt' of Form 1040 and attach Form 5405 if required.

Updated 2-28-2015 
IRS has another correction planned for the weekend of Mar 21st.
If you are still seeing these rejects, hold the return until March 23rd and then resend.
5405- Checking Box 3e is the scenario we are seeing most often still.

US Module version 7 available

US Module Version 7 is available now for download.
This module update deploys Spanish print for certain Individual forms; Spanish display on screen has been available for a while, but now you can print the forms as Taxpayer Copy
This version also contains the calculation changes and efile changes detailed below

     a) Summary - corrected tax bracket calculation on line 33
     b) Main Information Sheet - corrected an issue where Form 1040EZ was allowed when Form 8962 was present but lines 26 and 29 are both zero.
     c) Form 8962, line 4 - changed the calculation that turns the checkboxes red


     a) Corrected an issue causing reject code 1040-034-03 when withholding is present on the 1041 K-1 input sheet

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

ACA: some marketplace consumers received a 1095-A form that listed an incorrect benchmark plan premium amount

Posted 2-20-2015 ACA: some marketplace consumers received a 1095-A form that listed an incorrect benchmark plan premium amount. 
Updated 2-25-2-15 
CMS is currently engaged in an outreach program to contact impacted policy holders who received an incorrect Form 1095-A. Those forms showed an incorrect SLCSP amount that was based on 2015 amounts instead of 2014.

Last week, an automated outbound calling campaign was directed at policy holders  At the same time, email messages were sent to those same affected policy holders. CMS asks that recipients carefully review the information and be sure that the email message is not accidentally discarded as spam or a phishing attempt.

A follow-up calling campaign is being conducted this week in an effort to contact the remaining policy holders. Additionally, those policy holders who log in to their online account will receive a notification of the error.

Incorrect Forms 1095-A

The IRS estimates that 50,000 of the 800,000 that received a Form 1095-A with an incorrect SLCSP have already filed their tax returns
·         The 50,000 taxpayers who already filed their tax return using an incorrect SLCSP benchmark from their Form 1095-A will not be required to file an amended return.
·         Taxpayers who received more premium tax credit than they should have as a result of the Form 1095-A reporting error will not have to pay the additional amount back.
·         Taxpayers who are entitled to an additional premium tax credit as a result of the Form 1095-A reporting error can opt to file an amended return to get their additional funds if they wish. 
·         The relief only applies to the 50,000 taxpayers that already filed.  The 750,000 that have not filed their tax return as still being told to wait until the received their corrected Form 1095-A in March (date of issuance still TBD)

Corrected 1095A Forms
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
CMS completed the initial mailing of 1095-A forms to consumers a couple of weeks ago. The majority of Marketplace consumers received correct 1095-As, but some marketplace consumers received a 1095-A form that listed an incorrect benchmark plan premium amount. Consumers with affected forms will begin receiving updated 1095-A forms in early March. 

Marketplace consumers concerned about the status of their 1095-A forms should take the following actions:
1.      You can find out if you are affected by logging in to your account at You will see a notice message that will let you know if your form was or was not affected.  A majority of tax filers with Marketplace coverage through that received a 1095-A– about 80 percent – will find that their form was not affected by this issue and will be able to file their taxes with their current form.
2.      Wait to file if your form was affected. It’s best to wait to file your tax return until you receive your corrected 1095-A Form from the Marketplaces.  New forms are being sent from the Marketplace beginning in early March. When your corrected form is ready, we’ll also send a message to your Marketplace account on
3.      If you need to file now, use our tool. If you can’t wait, and want to find the correct amount of the second lowest cost Silver plan that applied to your household in 2014, you have 2 options: 1) You can use this tool to find that amount, or 2) You can call the Marketplace Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 (TTY: 1-855-889-4325) and they can help.
A blog post about corrected 1095 A forms is available here:

Accounting Today reports that approximately 800,000 taxpayers who received health care coverage through the federal insurance marketplace were sent the wrong information on their Form 1095-A and are being urged to wait to file their taxes until the first week of March when they receive the correct information from the federal government.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NE rejects NE-General-0002; resend returns

Nebraska has notified software vendors of erroneous rejects issued Monday night Feb 23rd


The state has advised vendors that the issue has been resolved and recommends resending the returns today (Tuesday Feb 24)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Colorado—Personal Income Tax: Additional Precautions to Combat Fraud Announced (Feb. 23, 2015)

The Colorado Department of Revenue is announcing additional information about state income tax refunds in light of increased nationwide tax filing fraud. According to the department, the majority of taxpayers who have requested a refund via direct deposit to bank account or a prepaid debit card will experience a slight delay in receiving their Colorado refund as the department evaluates state income tax returns and performs a risk assessment on tax filing information and refund requests. As previously announced, Colorado income tax refunds that were requested to be direct deposited may be converted to a paper check. The taxpayer will receive the check and a letter in the mail. The department notes that receiving a paper check does not mean a taxpayer’s identity has been compromised. Instead, it is a safeguard measure implemented by the department. However, taxpayers that receive a letter and paper income tax refund check from the department this year and have not filed a tax return yet, or are not expecting a refund, may call the fraud hotline number included in the letter.
The full text of the blog entry is available at CO Tax Info
CDOR Weblog, Colorado Department of Revenue, February 20, 2015

Display 'script error' in TaxWise desktop: RESOLVED

If you experienced an on-screen script error between 11am and 12:30pm EST, this is now resolved.
you may need to close TaxWise and re-open.

There was not a software issue- it was a display issue related to the "Latest News/blog" feed on the main page of TaxWise.

First billing cycle processes February 23rd week

This is a reminder that we will process the first billing cycle, for your 2014 tax preparation software, the week of February 23rd.  This billing cycle covers the period from Jan 20th through February 15th. Subsequent billing cycles will occur weekly thru April 30th and monthly May through December 2015.  
Based on the products that you purchased, you may incur transactional charges. To view your account, log on to the Support Site ( Once billing is processed to the bank account or the credit card that you entered for payment, you may also view the detailed billing report on the Support Site.  If for any reason, the billing charges cannot be processed, you will receive a follow up notification and you can pay in full online.

To view transactional fees

Visit the TaxWise Solution Center
  • Under My Account section, click Review Fees
  • After you log in to the secure tool, you’ll be directed to the fee page where you can review current fees.
  • If you offer settlement solutions (Fee Collect, Fee Collect PS, or ERCs), click the Settlement Solutions link on the left menu bar to view settlement solution fees. 
  • If you have questions about your fees, click the link at the bottom of the fee page to email Account Management.
  • TaxWise Note: If you have multiple locations, then your Main Office used COM (Central Office Manager tool) to setup those locations. The Main Office would use COM to view fees as well.

To view billing details
  • Once billing is run, you may view the details on the Support Site
  • Click Online Bill Pay under Account Services, and log in as ADMIN or another user name with administrator rights.
  • On this screen, you may view details for your main office and also any sub offices
  • Click the link “How do I Read This?” for detailed explanation of the data displayed
  • You may export this report to Excel